Online Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack is a card game whereby you’re dealt with cards. The goal is to get to 21 cards or close, provided you’re above the dealer who you’re betting against. The game of black is also known as twenty-one and pontoon. It’s been around for a couple of years and today almost all casinos feature the game, more so online blackjack. Since World War 1, this famous card game was called pontoon.  If you want to know more about it, let’s delve right in.

Blackjack strategies

As a rule of thumb, online blackjack needs you to apply some strategies. They are as follows;

  • To get more money, you need to double down on a hard 11. This should of course be against the dealer’s upcard. However, there’s an exception to this rule. If playing on a multi-deck game and the rules specify that the dealer’s stand is on soft 17, you’d rather hit an Ace rather than doubling down.
  • It’s wise to separate a pair of 8s and Aces. In doing so, you have higher chances of winning as you’re now playing with more hands. In a nutshell, splitting 8s and aces gets you more gains in the long run.

Blackjack rules

You don’t want to always count losses when playing blackjack. It’s, therefore, important to observe the rules of the game. Follow these 14 rules to make your chances of winning higher.

  • To win the game, you’ll have to manage a 21 score or more than the dealer
  • There are times your score will be more than 21. That means you lose the game in what is called a bust
  • Sometimes you’ll experience a tie in the score with the dealer. In such a case, the dealer refunds your bet. We call that a push in blackjack.
  • Placing the bets takes place before getting dealt your cards
  • Usually, the dealer deals you two face-up cards.
  • To start with, you’ll be dealt with one face-up and then one face-down follows
  • For an Ace, the value is 1 or 11
  • For ten, jack, queen, and king, the worth is 10
  • You’ll find two and nine with their face values
  • To be dealt with more cards, it’s mandatory to hit
  • Standing is a symbol that you’re happy with your cards
  • It’s possible to double your bet if you so wish
  • If you have pair bets, you can split them to make them separate bets
  • The minimum score for the dealer is 17. If not, the dealer will have to deal himself more cards.


Playing online blackjack has never been easier. Casinos are now offering free online blackjack versions. You can play for free until you gain feet in the game. Later on, get to real money online blackjack. That would need you to apply strategies that enhance your wins. Additionally, you must follow the rules always. Don’t be scared about this card game that’s been here for quite some time. Its popularity means that you can expect to win good money when the cards are dealt in your favor. Online blackjack should be your top choice casino game whenever you want to play.

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